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Question of Honour is:

Dave Wygmans
Drums, Vocals
Ken Pitchford
Bass Guitar, Vocals
Vocals, Guitar

About Question of Honour

The three memebers of Question of Honour posing in front of a tree circa 2004.  Very dramtic.  :)

The band Question of Honour was formed early in 1998 by Hugh Wygmans, a.k.a. Huetensil, his brother David Wygmans and their friend Ken Pitchford.  Huetensil and Dave met Ken while attending Michigan State University.

Question of Honour’s music has appeared on ten compact discs and in one movie.  They've also released several live videos.  Their first album, “Canopic Jars,” received air play on over 70 radio stations.  Their second album, “Bound,” was aired on over 120 stations in the United States and Canada, charting on seven of them.  Their last album, “Apothecary” was aired in six countries.

They've performed all over the mid-west on stages and venues of varying sizes.  There have also been many articles and reviews published featuring Question of Honour and their music.

Huetensil's stunning and versatile vocals are backed by a band that is equally comfortable playing melodic bedroom pop as they are driving hard rock stadium anthems home.  Not to disregard his talents as a guitarist, Huetensil has chops to burn which he uses with surgical precision.

Under it all are the rock solid performances of Ken Pitchford's bass playing and David Wygmans' drumming.  Both musicians possess dexterity in a variety of styles but they use discretion in their playing.  Listen closely and you'll hear drum fills and funky bass lines that act as a foil to Huetensil's straight-ahead guitar playing.

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